How to make sure that the submitted site is high quality?

To make sure that your site is eligible for the network, please do the following:

1. Scan your website on, if your site has a virus it will be rejected. 

2. Install following plugin and make sure the site is not compromised:

3. Please make sure no default themes are installed, most of the times these themes have viruses which will leave the whole network and client/money sites vulnerable.

4. Please make sure all the submitted domains are not on same IP address. 

5. Upgrade your site and plugins to the latest most stable version of wordpress.


We at Link Authority are dedicated to make it the best quality network in the industry and are going to be limit it to only high quality users, If you want to stay on board please make sure that you use the system wisely.

Exploiting the system will not only make it short term success but also you would be jeopardizing your own money sites as well as your client's business sites.


How to resolve issues like "site not reachable" and "login failed"




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