Introducing Premium Feature For Premium Members

Hello Everyone,

By using Linkauthority network you can keep yourself out of GOOGLE'S crosshairs & relax knowing you are in COMPLETE CONTROL of your Linking & your Anchor-Text!

With all of those recent GOOGLE updates, we have all become more concerned of the health of the sites linking to our money sites & the anchor text we use so we do not over optimize our money sites!

So how does a business owner do SEO, keep out of the cross-hairs of Google, and stay in control this time around in case of another Google bombshell?

That's why we have coded a much required functionality at this moment:

Premium Members can now easily modify the anchor-texts (KEYWORDS) of any PUBLISHED post from their dashboard.

In case if you want to change anchor-text of a post to avoid over optimization of anchor-texts or if you have put up a wrong anchor-text in your article pointing to your client site, then you can simply change anchor-text of that particular post.

Look at the following screenshot to understand what we're talking about:


Note: By changing the anchor-text of any post in your Linkauthority dashboard, it will be changed on the blog where the post was published.

Remember: This is only ONE-TIME republish feature, which means you can only change anchor-text of a particular post for just ONCE & it will not work for second time for the same post.

With this update now you are in complete control of your anchor text, while keeping your money site SAFE! If GOOGLE changes SEO up again? NO WORRIES! as you have CONTROL to manage all your links & anchor-texts And, your money site is protected!

P.S. Only PREMIUM MEMBERS can change the anchor-text in their posts.


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